Tour packages

That's all in the bag

Tour packages

You can book our tours in different service packages. However, some tours are only bookable as guided.


  • Your "all-round carefree package" on your bike.
  • On our fixed tour dates you are traveling with other bikers who share the passion with you. You can request your own date with your group. You then ride as a closed group.
  • You are traveling with a guide and support vehicle including luggage transport.
    Your guide has extensive local knowledge on alternative routes, sights, restaurants.
  • Your guide selects the optimal route for the group. If possible, it takes into account the weather, the participant constitution and the current path condition.
  • Ont the way you can get some skill tips and assistance with repairs.
  • Your support vehicle you meet several times a day. There you can fill up the supplies from your luggage and change clothes.
  • By default, you sleep in double or shared rooms in guesthouses or hotels. Depending on the local conditions, you can book a single room.
  • For the stop on the day (on selected stages) and in the evening, our guide has the right restaurants in stock. Most of the accommodations have their own restaurant, so you can come to the dining table in slippers.


Self-guided with support

  • You are traveling as a closed group or alone.
  • You navigate on our GPS track and make detours as you please.
  • You set your start time in advance.
  • The accommodations booked for you are your daily destination.
  • By default, you sleep in double or shared rooms in guesthouses or hotels.
  • You carry the luggage with you. A luggage transport with support vehicle you can additionally book with us.


Self-guided without support

  • You are traveling with your group or alone.
  • You navigate on our GPS track and make detours as you please.
  • You start at the time of your choice and when it's morning, let's go.
  • You divide the daily stages yourself. But you can also stick to the proposed stage classification.
  • Whether you decide to spend the night in a refuge, tent, guesthouse or first-class hotel, you decide to do it yourself every day.
  • You carry your luggage with you, whether on the back or on the bike.


GPS data

  • The Supported and Individual tour packages include GPS data. The data contains one file per stage as well as one file of the entire tour. The format is GPX. The GPX files include track and waypoints.
  • The track points describe the proposed route. Due to seasonal plant growth and other environmental influences, paths may be difficult or impossible to pass.
  • As waypoints are selected summits, accommodations, restaurants, repair shops and ATMs. Partly with further information such as opening hours.
  • Track and waypoints are made to the best of our knowledge. Due to current changes, these can deviate from reality. We appreciate any advice that keeps our data up to date.

Tour book

  • The tour packages Guided, Supported and Individual contain the tour book.
  • The tour book in the form of a brochure describes the course of the tour in its distinctive steps and shows an overview map. It also contains a separate overview map with a list of tour highlights per stage.
  • You will receive the tour book personally at the beginning of your guided tour or sent by letter post for your support or individual tour.

Support vehicle

  • The support vehicle can meet with the group several times a day. In the evening, it will meet the group at the accommodation.
  • The support vehicle depends on the group. The appropriate positions are agreed with the group in the evening or in the morning before the stage. Since you are on the road with our guide, he agrees with the support vehicle.
  • It transports your luggage, change, provisions and drinking water. These are not included in the tour price.
  • The support vehicle offers the group a security in the background. Often it can assist with unforeseen events such as major breakdowns, spare parts needs or leaving a subscriber.
  • The transport of participants and bikes is possible to a limited extent, for example in case of breakdown.
  • The transfer of the group with bikes is possible on request, for example from the destination back to the starting point.


  • Breakfast is included in the tour packages Guided and Supported as part of the overnight stay.
  • For guided trips (tour package Guided) we recommend local restaurants for lunch and dinner. Lunch and dinner are not included in the tour price.

Mecanique service

  • Our guide and driver of the support vehicle can provide support, for example with the procurement of spare parts or the provision of tools.
  • Each participant is responsible for repairs to his bike.