TransOst 1 Ore Mountains

7 Days - 4 Mountains - 2 Countries

TransOst 1 Ore Mountains

Trip Highlights

  • Blocked Trails in the Fichtel Mountains
  • Border paths in the Ore Mountains
  • Klingenthal: Ski Jumping World Cup and Vogtland Arena
  • TrailCenter Rabenberg – Germany's first MTB single trail park
  • Sections of the Stoneman-Miriquidi
  • Keilberg 1,244 m (highest mountain in the Ore Mountains)
  • Railway romance in sleepy valleys
  • Seiffen with Ore Mountains folk art and the oldest MTB marathon
  • Ski resort Altenberg
  • Sandstone rocks of Tisa
  • Hoher Schneeberg 723 m (highest mountain in the Elbe Sandstone Mountain)
  • Rock formations of Saxon Switzerland

Trip Details

  • Departs: Bayreuth
  • Arrives: Bad Schandau
  • Region: Fichtel, Elster and Ore Mountains, Saxon Switzerland
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Distance: 450 km (up to 75 km/day)
  • Ascent: 10.500 m (up to 2,000 m/day)
  • Grade: moderate
  • Part of TransOst Challenge
  • Multi-day one-way trip with changing accommodations
  • You will receive further tour details usally 14 days before start

Prices & Services

Supported and guided:

  • 6 accommodations in twin rooms with breakfast
  • Tour book and GPS data

Additionally at guided:

  • certified guide
  • 4 - 10 participants
  • Accompanying vehicle with luggage transport
  • starter bag

Optional bookable:

  • Accommodation with wellness and single rooms
  • Return to Bayreuth
  • Rent-bike
  • Individual appointments for groups

Details on tour packages and services

  • Individual trip from 69,- €
  • Supported trip from 399,- €
  • Guided trip from 849,- €
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Trip map

elevation profile

7 Days

450 km

(up to 75 km/day)

10.500 m

(up to 2,000 m/day)



More Trip Details

MTB-Tour from Bavaria over the crest of the Ore mountains to the Elbe river

The TransOst 1 is the prelude to our series of mountain bike adventures to our eastern neighbours. After the start in the Franconian Bayreuth we head for the first ascents and trails in the Fichtelgebirge. Already on the second day we meet our neighbours in the Czech Republic, whom we will meet more often during the tour.

At the latest now everyone should have forgotten hectic rush and everyday stress and should have enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of the Ore Mountains. Only the terrain contradicts this: large differences in altitude are characteristic for the Czech Ore Mountains (Czech: Krušné hory).

Across the Elster Mountains and through Vogtland we reach the mountain bike hotspot in the Miriquidi: The TrailCenter Rabenberg with its challenging, built paths invites you to enjoy the ride. Via the Stoneman Miriquidi, which was opened in 2014 and is based on the famous original Stoneman Dolomiti route over the highest peaks of the Ore Mountains, we reach the Keilberg and Fichtelberg, the highest peaks of the Erzgebirge on the Czech and German sides, respectively. A detour into the Bohemian Basin enriches the tour by trail downhill runs and immediately demands a return to the sparsely populated crest of the Ore Mountains with its raft grave trails.

Of course, a visit to Germany's first mountain bike marathon, the Erzgebirgs-Bike-Marathon, is on the agenda. If you haven't experienced it by then, you will leave for Seiffen on the first weekend of August and experience the toy village in a state of emergency.

In Altenberg we say goodbye to the Ore Mountains, but not without playing on the ditch paths and climbs on which our young mountain bikers at the local federal base are also preparing for their careers.

At the end of our week trip we dive into a rock labyrinth with bizarre sandstone formations and use the altitude for the last, sustainable descent into the mild Elbe valley. In Bad Schandau, in the middle of Saxon Switzerland, TransOst 1 ends and each of the biker has a total of just under 450 km and 10,500 metres of altitude difference in their bones. The TransOst 2 is already waiting...

Be inspired by Uwe Buchholz. In the World of MTB he describes his TransOst adventure "Immer Richtung Osten" (always in east direction) together with pictures of Martin Dinse.

Stage Overview

1 ✶ Bayreuth - Bad Alexandersbad ✶ ca. 70 km ✶ 2,000 m

2 ✶ Bad Alexandersbad - Luby (CZ) ✶ ca. 75 km ✶ 1,900 m

3 ✶ Luby (CZ) - Rabenberg / Breitenbrunn ✶ ca. 75 km ✶ 2,200 m

4 ✶ Rabenberg / Breitenbrunn - Jöhstadt ✶ ca. 63 km ✶ 1,800 m

5 ✶ Jöhstadt - Seiffen ✶ ca. 62 km ✶ 1,200 m

6 ✶ Seiffen - Horní Krupka (CZ) ✶ ca. 60 km ✶ 1,500 m

7 ✶ Horní Krupka (CZ) - Bad Schandau ✶ ca. 58 km ✶ 900 m


The subsoil is approximately 15% asphalt, 55% forest and field roads and 30% trails. Several climbs and descents have to be mastered daily. The trip is technically and conditionally demanding.

Note for Guided tours: The tour is guided by a certified guide and accompanied by a second guide in the vehicle. The escort vehicle arrives one or two times a day and at the place of accommodation. Baggage, spare parts, tools and drinking water are transported. If necessary, a participant can travel in the accompanying vehicle. Overnight stays are in simple, country-specific guesthouses in double, twin or shared rooms including breakfast. In one of the lodgings (mountain hut) the sanitary facilities are shared in the corridor. Sometimes we have lunch in good middle-class restaurants or huts. Dinner can be in the accommodation or a few minutes walk away. Lunch and dinner are not included in the price.

The return transport from Bad Schandau to Bayreuth by minibus can be booked optionally. A return trip by train is also possible.

Note for closed groups: The services are compiled on request. Both the backpack version without an escort vehicle is possible, as well as the wellness package with overnight stay in upscale guesthouses or hotels with sauna and single rooms.

Note for supported tours: Accommodation is the same as for guided tours. On the basis of the GPS data, you will lead the tour yourself. Optionally you can book an escort car with driver for the trip as well as the return transport from Bad Schandau to Bayreuth.

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